Conference Program for CDIO 2015, CUIT Chengdu

Submission titles are coded for the type of contribution: bold for Advances in CDIO, regular type for CDIO Implementation (both refereed full papers in the proceedings and archived on the, and italics for Projects in Progress (short communications appearing only in the proceedings). The subjects of 9 papers were identified by the authors and confirmed by the committee as Advances in CDIO generally, while 66 papers focused more on Implementation. Of the 39 Projects in Progress, 18 were submitted as such and the remainder shifted to that category during the review process.

Posters must fit on display boards that measure 70 cm wide by 100 cm high. Podium presenters must supply their own device to connect to standard VGA for projector, 4x3 aspect ratio slides, 15 minute presentation followed by questions. Presentations should ideally be self contained. Access to Google and YouTube will be unavailable.

Sunday, June 7, 2015
1500 - 1600

Conference Registration, Jin Jiang Hotel South Lobby
1600 - 1730 CDIO Council Meeting, Chengdu Hall B:
Welcome Speech: CDIO Academy, Chengdu Hall A:

1730 - 1900 Welcome Reception, Chengdu Hall A:

Monday, June 8, 2015
0800 - 0830
Conference Registration, Sichuan Hall Lobby
0830 - 0915
Plenary Session 1, Sichuan Hall: Welcome Speeches
0915 - 1000
Plenary Session 2, Sichuan Hall: Keynote: The Quality of Chinese Engineering Education, Wu Yan
1000 - 1030
Morning Break
1030 - 1200
Session M2A, Sichuan Hall: Introductory Workshops
Session M2B, Chengdu Hall A: CDIO Implementation Cases / Curriculum Design, Chair: Alexander Chuchalin Session M2C, Chamber of Lotus: Design and Implement Projects, Chair: Yan Shen Session M2D, Chamber of Peony: Innovations in Teaching and Learning , Chair: Farzad Rayegani Session M2E, Chengdu Hall B: Workshop

CDIO Context and Learning Outcomes, Johan Malqvist

Sustaining CDIO Elements in an Institutional Restructuring Process, Janne Roslöf (3)

Professional Degree Postgraduate Education Reform Practice Based on CDIO, Li Yongxin, Wu Fenghe, Wang Jiachun and Wang Jun (65)

Goal-oriented Modular Teaching Reform based on CDIO Concept, Ping Xie, Guoqian Jiang, Hongbin Lin, Kai Tong, Hongbin Wang, Xiaoguang Wu, Weiwei Zhang and Zheng Li (106)

Development of CDIO Academy in Russia, Alexander Chuchalin, Marina Tayurskaya and Johan Malmqvist (15)

Capstone Bootcamp Concept Catalyzing Problem-Based Learning, Xing Guo, Ville Taajamaa, Kun Yang, Tomi Westerlund, Li-Rong Zheng, Hannu Tenhunen and Tapio Salakoski (13)

Engineering and Design: An integrated course with real world projects, Rubaina Khan, M. Fikret Ercan, Noel Kristian, Soh Ying Ying and Tune Chien Jung (35)

Exploration and Practice on Project Architecture with CDIO Initiative for Mechatronics Engineering Undergraduate, Yan Shen (25)

(Learning Structures of CDIO Based Projects in Contexts of Demola, Daniel Einarson, Karin Wendin and Diana Saplacan (118) not presented)
Removing Lectures from a Computer Programming Course - A Quantitative Study, Christian Larsen, Sebastian Gross and Andreas Baerentzen (2)

Effects of Reducing the Time Spent on Traditional Lectures, Erik Näslund and Thomas Mejtoft (45)

The Power of Creative Space in Engineering Education, Jeff Zabudsky, Farzad Rayegani and Yael Katz (8)

CDIO Syllabus v 2.0

CDIO Standards and Rubrics v 2.0

1200 - 1300
Lunch Break
1300 - 1430 Session M3A, Sichuan Hall: Introductory Workshops (Timing Approximate)
Session M3B, Chengdu Hall A: CDIO Implementation Cases / Curriculum Design, Chair: Johan Malmqvist Session M3C, Chamber of Lotus: Design and Implement Projects, Chair: Ramon Bragos Session M3D, Chamber of Peony: Innovations in Teaching and Learning , Chair: Allen Sandwell Session M3E, Chengdu Hall B: Workshop

Course Design for an Integrated Curriculum, Kristina Edström Comparative Study on CDIO Implementation in Selected ASEAN Countries, Linda Lee, Leck-Seng Lee, Angkee Sripakagorn, Natha Kuptasthien, Dinh Ba Tien, Nor Hayati Saad, SIn Moh Cheah and Helene Leong (5)

Practice of Graduation Design by Application of CDIO Concept, Guo Qi, Guo Xiaoning, You Lichen (76)

CDIO Training Mode of Programming Ability for Software Engineering Students Based on ACM/ICPC Competition Standard, Yunfeng Mu, Dianlong You and Yan Dou (63)

A survey of CDIO implementation globally – effects on educational quality, Johan Malmqvist, Ron Hugo and Malin Kjellberg (12)
Industry based projects and cases: A CDIO approach to students’ learning, Thomas Mejtoft (22)

Cross Disciplinary Projects - A cooperation between Linköping University, Demola and the surrounding society, Eva Törnqvist (43)

CDIO and the European Project Semester: a match for capstone projects?, Benedita Malheiro, Manuel Silva, Paulo Ferreira and Pedro Guedes (109)

Cooperation framework with a hospital as a design-build project source, Tomás Domingo, Montse Ballarin, José María Rojano, Albert Oliveras, Miguel García-Hernández and Ramon Bragos (100)
Experiencing knowledge construction of students in the field of industrial robotics of the DIE-USACH, Claudio Urrea and Manuel Vega (49)

Startup of a student organization for educational purposes, Anders Johansson and Anna Engelbrektsson (117)

The research and practice of the personnel training mode in mechanical and electronic engineering subject based on CDIO conception, Shi Yanguo, Wang Xin, Yao Jiantao and Zhang Qingling (121)

Strengthening Knowledge Structures Using Psychomotor Learning in a Manufacturing Processes Course, Allen Sandwell, Simon Park, Rob Scorey, Jim McNeely and Ron Hugo (122)
Exercises in Creativity: A Workshop, Daniel Spooner and Farzad Rayegani

Space and facilities for this workshop are limited. Get here early to get a good seat at a table close to the facilitators.
1430 - 1500
Afternoon Break
1500 - 1600
Session M4A, Sichuan Hall: Introductory Workshops
Session M4B, Chengdu Hall A: CDIO Implementation Cases / Curriculum Design, Chair: Andres Diaz Lantada Session M4C, Chamber of Lotus: Session M4D, Chamber of Peony: Innovations in Teaching and Learning , Chair: Rick Sellens Session M4E,
Chengdu Hall B:

Designing the Design/Implement Experience, Ron Hugo
Curriculum Mode Design and Construction of Biochemical Separation Engineering Based on CDIO, Zhang xiaoyu, Zhang wen, Yang shuqin and Cui hongxia (28)

Integrating Biomedical Engineering Design into Engineering Curricula: Benefits and Challenges of the CDIO Approach, Andres Diaz Lantada, Antonio Ros Felip, Javier Jimenez Fernandez, Julio Muñoz Garcia, Rafael Claramunt Alonso and Jaime Carpio Huertas (85)

Multimedia Material for Active, Collaborative and Interactive Learning of Industrial Robotics, Claudio Urrea and Manuel Vega (50)

Sustaining CDIO Capability via Mentoring of Academic Mentor, Sin Moh Cheah and Hui Bee Lee (10)

"COOL!" – A Pedagogical Argument for Downgrading Your Lab Equipment, Rick Sellens (138)

1600 - 1730
Session M5A, Sichuan Hall: Introductory Workshops
Session M5B, Chengdu Hall A: CDIO Implementation Cases / Curriculum Design, Chair: Farzad Rayegani Session M5C, Chamber of Lotus: Workshop Session M5D, Chamber of Peony: Workshop Session M5E,
Chengdu Hall B: Roundtable

Active learning – an introductory workshop, Juha Kontio (99) The INGENIA Initiative: A Multidisciplinary Set of Subjects for Promoting the CDIO Methodology in a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, Julio Lumbreras Martin, Ana Moreno Romero, Andres Diaz Lantada, Alvaro Garcia Sanchez, Araceli Hernandez Bayo, Carolina Garcia Martos, Juan de Juanes Marquez Sevillano, Ana Maria Garcia Ruiz, Oscar Garcia Suarez, Clauido Rossi and Emilio Minguez Torres (87)

Teaching Engineering Design to a Multidisciplinary Audience at Master’s level: Benefits and Challenges of the CDIO Approach, Enrique Chacón Tanarro, Juan Manuel Munoz-Guijosa, Andrés Díaz Lantada, Pilar Leal Wiña, Javier Echávarri Otero, José Luis Muñoz Sanz,
Julio Muñoz García, Óscar Nava Rodríguez and Sergio Garre Mondéjar (86)

Accessible and Inclusive Higher Education: The ESVI-AL Project, Markku Karhu, Concha Batanero, Antonio García-Cabot and Eva García-López (113)

Integration of Math and Science with Sheridan Engineering Program Using CDIO Tools, Farzad Rayegani and Ramin Ghalati (27)
Instructional Video on a Shoestring, or More, Rick Sellens and Ronald Hugo (134)

The CDIO Network as a Framework for Student Mobility and Exchange, Matt Murphy (135) Implications of CDIO Implementation for Presidents and Deans of Engineering Programs, Peihua Gu

This roundtable discussion is restricted to participants who currently lead engineering programs at their universities at the level of president, vice president, rector, vice rector, or dean.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015
0730 - 0800
Conference Registration and Poster Setup
0800 - 0845 Plenary Session 3A, Sichuan Hall: Keynote: Engineering Education Innovation in China, Wu Aihua
0845 - 0930
Plenary Session 3B, Sichuan Hall: Keynote: Engineering Ethics, Tu Shandong
0930 - 1000
Session T2A, Sichuan Hall: Poster Session 1, Chair: Rick Sellens

CDIO Approach: Description of the Experience in a Brazilian HEI, José Lourenço Jr and Lucio Garcia Veraldo Jr (26)

Study on Decision Factors of the Cultivation Standards of Undergraduates of Atmospheric Science Majors, Yunjun Zhou (32)

Practice of CDIO in Course of DC Motor Drive and Control System, Wang Liqiao, Wu Junjuan, Guo Zhongnan, Shen Hong, and Sun Xiaofeng (34)

Textbook Writing of the Fundamentals of Circuit Analysis Under CDIO, Zhao Lina (36)

Study on Teaching Practice of CDIO-oriented Education in the Course of Charge Interaction, Yubao Wang, Kai Liu, Guanglong Xing, Dong Cui and Jingwei Guo (51)

Teaching Reform Practice for Basic Courses of Electrical and Electronic Specialty — A Case of Digital Electronic Technology Course, Jianghao Li, Xuan Guo, Zhen Huang, Baojun Zhang and Qizhu Lu (52)

Reformation and Practice of Operating System Course Based on CDIO Teaching Mode, Shen Limin, Wang Min and You Dianlong (54)

Teaching Reform and Strategy in Specialized English of Optoelectronic Technology, Zhaopeng Xu, Dong Wen, Huichao Huangfu and Haiyan Wang (56)

Research on Teaching Mode Practice in the Course of Programming Based on CDIO, Dou Yan and Shi Qianzhu (61)

Teaching Reform on Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering Based on CCDIO, Liu Zhenhua (67)

Exploration in teaching reform of microwave circuits and devices course Based CDIO, Tang Jun and Jiguo Wen (71)

Exploration of Teaching Reform on Random Signal Analysis Based on CDIO Concept, Hongyan Chen (91)

Practice on Inquiry Teaching Mode Based on CDIO Initiative: A Embedded System Teaching Case Study, Ziwei Chen and Ling Yang (92)

Multisite Educational Institutions: Complementarity of Models and Processes for Quality Enhancement, Isabelle Caradot and Morgan Saveuze (21)

Computer-assisted assessment of learning outcomes in the Laboratory of Metrology, Wojciech Toczek (123)

1000 - 1015
Morning Break and Posters
1015 - 1215
Session T3A, Sichuan Hall: Introductory and Hands On Workshops
Session T3B, Chengdu Hall A: Learning Assessment, Chair: Daniel Spooner Session T3C, Chamber of Lotus: Faculty Development & Intro to Engineering Courses, Chair: Natalie Lloyd Session T3D, Chamber of Peony: Internationalization and Globalization, Chair: Ron Hugo

Continuous Improvement and Self Evaluation, Juha Kontio / Helene Leong


Applying Self Evaluation to Your Program
, Juha Kontio / Helene Leong

Check the online program for more workshop materials
Project Management and Communication Skills’ Development — Students’ Perception on Their Learning, Mirka Kans (40)

Time Efficient Assessment and Feedback Methods for Large Computer-Aided-Design Cohorts, Trevor Robinson, David Thornhill and Paul Hermon (16)

Student Perceptions and Reflections on Peer Review of Group Projects, Gareth Thomson, Daniel Spooner and Nikola Chalashkanov, Chinese Abstract (57)
Enhancement of Faculty Competence – healthcare and engineering educators on working life period, Elina Kontio, Riitta-Liisa Lakanmaa and Juha Kontio (115)

Technology Teacher Education and Outreach Using the CDIO Approach, Igor Verner (136)

Introduction to Engineering as a two-phase course, Haraldur Audunsson, Ingunn Saemundsdottir and Asrun Matthiasdottir (105)

Realigning Student First Year Orientation Activities with CDIO, Natalie Lloyd,
Slides, App1, App2, App3 (132)
Enhancing Students' Capabilities through International Engineering Project, Shukun Zhao, Lu Yang, Tingting Zhang, Yijing Zhang, Wenbin Song, Quan Guo and Tao Wen (102)

Intercultural competence - stakeholders and learning activities at the university, Rebecca Bergman and Carl Johan Carlsson (137)

A New CDIO-Based Cross-culture Training Program for International Software Engineers, Yingqiu Li, Tao Wen and Lu Yang, Slides (66)

International Expectations of Engineering Graduate Attributes, Robyn Paul, Ron Hugo and Lynne Cowe Falls (95)
1215 - 1300
Lunch Break and Posters
1300 - 1430
Take shuttle buses from JinJiang Hotel to Dujiang Yan Dam
1430 - 1515
Visit Dujiang Yan Dam
1515 - 1600
Take shuttle buses to Panda Base
1600 - 1700
Visit Panda Base
1700 - 1830
Take shuttle buses from Panda Base to JinJiang Hotel
1830 - 1900

1900 - 2030
Conference Welcome Banquet

Wednesday, June 10, 2015
0730 - 0800
Conference Registration and Poster Setup
0800 - 0930
Plenary Session 4, Sichuan Hall: Keynote and Panel Discussion: On CDIO, OBE and Engineering Professional Certification, Gu Peihua Panelists: Ron Hugo, Johan Malmqvist, Chen Daoxu, Zhou Jiliu, Zhao Yongsheng
0930 - 1000
Session W2A, Auditorium: Sichuan Hall, Poster Session 2, Chair: Rick Sellens

Teaching Practice of Second Level CDIO Project in a Mechanical Course, Fenghe Wu, Jun Wang, Jinjiang Chen, Ling Lu, Jun Wang and Yongxin Li (18)

The Practical Exploration and Experience of Project-based Learning, Wu Xiaoming (19)

Teaching Reform of Microwave Circuit EDA in CDIO Mode, Rongqiang Li, Guohong Du and Ling Yang (23)

Preliminary Study on Establishment New Cultivation Mode CDIO of Biological Engineering Excellence Engineer, Hong-wei Zhao (33)

Cultivation of Engineering Practical Abilities for Talents in Applied Chemistry based on CDIO Mode, Wenfeng Guo (53)

A New Inquiring T&L Strategy of the “Basic Circuit Theory”, Yan Cui, Xinpeng Fu, Shilian Pan, Xiaojun He and Zhidong Jiang (64)

The Evolution of Technical Education at a Leading Russian University: The Development and Implementation of Project-Based Learning, Nadezda Shatrova, Maria Travyanova, Andrey Voronin, Andrey Yudin and Denis Kuznetsov (68)

Active Learning Experiences by Learning with “Buildings Around" Program , YingZi Wang and GuangJing Xiong (69)

Study of “data structure and algorithm design”teaching reform based on CDIO model, Li tongyan, Fu lin (107)

Exploring for the Training Mode of Yanshan University Excellent Engineers Internship, Wang Hongbin, Li Haibin, Liu Fucai, Liu Shuang and Cheng Sifan (124)

Optimize for Laboratory Resources and Improve its Open Management System, Yanfen Guo, Xi Wu and Jingyu Zhu (130)

Visualization of Abstract Theories in DSP Course Based on CDIO Concept, Wang Li-juan, Li Jian and Zhen Xiao-qiong (133)
1000 - 1030
Morning Break and Posters
1030 - 1200
Session W3A, Sichuan Hall: Integrating CDIO Skills, Chair: Aldert Kamp Session W3B, Chamber of Lotus: Innovations in Teaching and Learning, Chair: Lynne Cowe Falls Session W3C, Chamber of Peony: CDIO Implementation Cases / Curriculum Design, Chair: Yongsheng Zhao
Session W3D, Chengdu Hall B: Workshop Session W3E, Chengdu Hall A: Student Projects Showcase

Development of Abilities to Professional Communication as an Important Component of Engineering Training for the Global Companies, Dmitry Zhdanov, Irina Makarova and Rifat Khabibullin (60)

Project management - an environment for increased personal and interpersonal skills, Sara Mejtoft and Stefan Berglund (44)

Engaging Complexity and Contradiction - Understanding Formula SAE Teamwork Through Cultural-Historical Activity Theory, Michael Jones (29)

Industrial Internships as Integrated Learning Experiences with Rich Learning Outcomes and Spin-Offs, Aldert Kamp and Femke Verdegaal (4)
Construction and Exploration of Chemical Engineering Practice System Teaching based on the Concept of CDIO Education, LI Jianjun,SONG Jianzheng (20)

Flipping the Classroom: A Module Redesign to Foster Active Learning in Materials Science, Eunice Shing Mei Goh and Keng Wah Choo (55)

Peer Assessment Tool to Provide Mid-Course Student Feedback, Lynne Cowe Falls (94)

Enhancing Integrated Learning in Engineering Societies, Teams and Clubs: Case Study of the Maier Student Leadership Program, Lynne Cowe Falls, Robyn Paul and Gord Aker (83)
Research of Machinery Equipment Metal Structure Course Experimental Teaching Based on CDIO, YuKun Li, Liandong Zhang, Wenjuan Lu and Yanguo Shi (70)

Applied Thermodynamics – Using a Simple Stirling Engine to Bridge the Theory-Practice Divide, Ben Millen (128)

Experiences from Using Open-Ended and Life-Resembling Problems in a Master Course, Mirka Kans (41)

Implementation Strategies of CDIO for Massive Scale Education, Yongsheng Zhao (74)
Improving the CDIO Self-Evaluation by Updating Self-Evaluation Rubrics, Fredrik Georgsson, Juha Kontio and Jens Bennedsen (39)

1200 - 1300
Lunch Break, Posters, Student Projects Showcase
1300 - 1430 Session W4A, Sichuan Hall: Integrating CDIO Skills, Chair: Lynne Cowe Falls Session W4B, Chamber of Lotus: Innovations in Teaching and Learning, Chair: Johan Malmqvist Session W4C, Chamber of Peony: CDIO Implementation Cases / Curriculum Design, Chair: Charles McCartan Session W4D, Chengdu Hall B: Program Evaluation and Accreditation, Chair: Juha Kontio Session W4E, Chengdu Hall A: Workshop

The Pedagogical Developers Initiative - Changing Educational Practices and Strengthening CDIO Skills, Anders Berglund, Hans Havtun, Hans B Johansson, Anna Jerbrant, Magnus Andersson, Björn Hedin, Juliette Soulard and Björn Kjellgren (129)

Project Management in Signal Processing Project based on CDIO Model, Qiangyu Zeng, Juanping Jiang and Lijuan Wang (116)

Perspectives on Defining Engineering Leadership, Robyn Paul and Lynne Cowe Falls (96)

Personal Learning Journals in a Capstone Design Course as a Tool to Encourage Life-Long Learning, Lynne Cowe Falls (93)
How to integrate ethical aspects in a technical project course, Elin Palm and Eva Törnqvist (42)

Peer Instruction: Signals and Systems Class, a Case of Study, Juan Cruz, Juan Giraldo and Jairo Hurtado (119)

Enhancing Assessment Practices and Teaching Delivery in Honours Research Projects, Natalie Lloyd and Kerri Bland, Slides (131)
Comparative Analysis of Challenge-Based Learning Experiences, Johan Malmqvist, Kamilla Kohn Rådberg and Ulrika Lundqvist (14)
Reformation of Construction Machinery Course Design Based on Education Idea of CDIO, Yanzhi Zhao, Yukun Li, Yubo Re, He Rong Jin, Lian Dong Zhang, Hui Bian and Yun Fei Ma (73)

Developing merged CDIO based curricula for diploma (B.Eng.) IT study programs at DTU, Mads Nyborg, Christian W. Probst and Flemming Stassen (127)

Towards implementing CDIO in a private autonomous Engineering College in India, K Kalidasa Murugavel and A Abudahir (139)

A Transition Study to Support Curriculum Reform, Charles McCartan (59)
Module Review and Redesign via Self-Evaluation Using CDIO Standards, Sin Moh Cheah and Hui Bee Lee (9)

CDIO and ABET accreditation – The Nanyang Polytechnic Experience, Keng Wah Choo, Desmond Tan, Joseph Chong and Siew Wee Kwek (37)

A tool for CDIO standards compliance levels monitoring, Claudia Martínez, Marcia Muñoz and Cristian Cárdenas (62)

QA and Enhancement Marketplace for HEIs – An Erasmus+ project, Juha Kontio, Krista Heikkinen, Fredrik Georgsson, Jens Bennedsen, Robin Clark, Asrun Matthíasdóttir, Paul Hermon, Siegfried Rouvrais, and Markku Karhu (103)
Developing Specifications for a Database of CDIO Teaching & Learning Activities, Daniel Spooner, Johan Malmqvist and Ron Hugo (125)
1430 - 1500
Afternoon Break
1500 - 1600
Plenary Session 5, Sichuan Hall: CDIO Academy Activity Report, Results and Award Ceremony
1600 - 1630
Plenary Session 6, Sichuan Hall: Invitation to Turku
1630 - 1700 Plenary Session 7, Sichuan Hall: Closing Ceremony

Thursday, June 11, 2015
Take shuttle buses from JinJiang Hotel to CUIT Library
0930 - 1000
Global Meeting: (all conference participants invited) Meeting Agenda and Charge to the Regions
1000 - 1100 Regional Meeting
Regional Meeting
Regional Meeting
North America
Regional Meeting
UK / Ireland
Regional Meeting
Latin America
Regional Meeting
Australia / NZ
Regional Meeting
1100 - 1130 Morning Break
1130 - 1200
Global Meeting: Annual Elections
1200 - 1300
Global Meeting: Reports from the CDIO Regions
1300 - 1330
Global Meeting: Election Results, Installation of New Officers, Plans for 2015-2016, Conference Report
1330 - 1400 Lunch Break
1400 - 1600 CDIO Council Meeting
CDIO 2016 Planning Committee Meeting