Hi All,

We seem to be retracing the route of the regatta, except more slowly. After meeting Peggy in Midland we hung around another day being lazy, provisioning, and spending the afternoon at Ste. Marie Among the Hurons. It was interesting to look around and to see our tax dollars at work providing summer jobs for history students.

Today (Saturday) we set off in "light and variable" (actually 5 to 10 fluctuating wildly around NW) with a promise of 10 to 15 SW this afternoon. The wind got lighter and more variable until it was pointless to sail. By then we had cleared out from under Giant's Tomb Island, so there was nothing between us and the wind on the Bay, had there been any. We did the last half of the trip under power, motoring through that same hole that got us so frustrated going in the other direction. We slipped into the same anchorage and were able to find room even though it's Saturday night.

Tomorrow morning I will take the dinghy a little further up the bay to pick up my brother John who is coming to visit for the day. He has some band gig in Orillia that night, so he thought he might kill two birds with one stone. Tomorrow afternoon he is going to drop Peggy back at the car in Midland and she is heading back to Kingston. It has been good to see her up here in the calm after the regatta.

Next step, up the east side of the Bay towards Killarney...

Still having fun,


PS I have combined these trip reports into a web version,
for those who are really keen to read the installments again, or for
those I forgot to add to the list until more recently. The
address is:


It may not be completely up to date.