Hi All,


Still motoring, still dead flat calm out here, but with a weather forecast for a little bit of SW wind sometime tomorrow. We popped into Port Elgin for fuel and a pump out, and a couple of ice cream cones. They just had ordinary cones, which are a real come down once you get used to White Mountain handmade waffle cones. Life is full of hardships! ;-)


I thought I was going to get net access too, but my computer didn't want to connect to their wireless, and we were on the gas dock with hints that we should move along, so I gave up. We will have access tomorrow in Tobermory, which the guide says has both a net cafe and access at the library.


Yesterday was a nearly perfect day. The only thing that would have made it better would have been a bunch of fresh water dolphins to jump in the bow wave. I spent a bunch of time sitting on the bow dangling my feet in the spray as we sailed along. I puttered about taping things that needed taping and generally had a good time. Tonight I think I will do some picture organizing so that there will be some more illustrations of the trip for those who are vacationing vicariously (Rob's phrase).


The mist has thinned quite a bit and nthe visibility is probably closer to 4 miles now, in a hazy sort of way. That makes me a little less worried about noticing other boats in time. There is very little traffic, but is amazing how close the intersections that do happen are. I have had several passes within fifty metres that just happened while leaving the boat on the same autopilot setting. I was watching and ready to dodge, but just left it when I saw we weren't going to bump.


Tomorrow we definitely need groceries. We are out of edible bread, as the buns turned a really neat green/blue colour yesterday, and the supply of other perishables is dwindling. The fridge has been great, in that we still have fresh lamb chops for dinner tonight, even though it has been five days since groceries. It doesn't seem to eat much power at all. The big consumers are the incandescent lights that suck up a couple of amps each. I need to get LED lighting!


I still have a whole bucket full of project stuff that needs to get installed eventually. In Bayfield I rebedded the hand rails, so that they should be a little more secure, and more importantly, should not leak into the cabin and resoak the cruising guides. I did some more sealing at the mast boot, so that should be better, and really soon I will replace the gasketing on the rest of the hatches. After that, maybe some of the new sailing hardware will get installed in time for the racing.


It's now just about 1800 and less than four miles to the mouth of the Sauble River where I plan to find an out of the way spot to anchor tonight, so I think I will wrap it up now. Once we get there that will make it about a 35 mile day. We need an early start tomorrow to make Tobermory while it is still light. There's not much of anywhere to go in between, except for a lot of pretty rocky shoreline.


I hope everybody is doing well. Cheers!


Rick / Dad




PS I have combined these trip reports into a web version,

for those who are really keen to read the installments again. The

address is:




It may not be completely up to date.