Hi All,

I never got around to actually completing the saga. We did sail from Prinyer's to KYC the next day, and did arrive at almost exactly 3 PM after a spirited sail with about 20 knots behind us. It was one of the shortest days of the whole journey, but still a good one.

As I sit here safe inside on Thanksgiving Friday evening, I'm glad we aren't out on the river in the cold and the rain and the dark. The season in Kingston is darn close to over. I did get some more time out on the river over the past couple of weeks, but it wasn't the same now that the big trip is over. There was nowhere in particular to go, and everyday life was intruding with both happy and unhappy events.

I have mixed feelings about not heading south, but I still think it was the right choice this time around. I still wouldn't mind finding my way to some warm water cruising with a charter this winter, and might structure it around some sort of regatta if my race crew is keen to join me.

The current plan is to haul Dragon on October 14 at KYC, early because I will be heading off to sunny California for a couple of conferences around the end of October when the rest of haulout will take place.

I hope everybody's having a happy Thanksgiving,