Hi All,

Powderhouse Bay was nice enough we just sat there for another lazy day, swimming, sleeping, exploring in the dinghy, and we had it all to ourselves. Next day we cruised up to Bay Fine and took in the exquisite scenery, Then down to Heywood Island hoping to miss the crowd. Not quite as crowded as Bay Fine of great fame, but still needed to worry about swinging room. There were probably a dozen boats in there last night. This morning we motored around Strawberry Island and into Little Current, the last boat to make the 1100 bridge swing.

We tied up to the municipal dock right in front of Aqualibrium! They were not on board, but I hope to catch up with them a little later. Right now we are getting a burger and a beer in the Anchor Inn, which comes complete with wireless. Still no cell access, so there must be plenty of pay phones.

More later...

Life is still pretty good,