Hi All,


We headed over to Midland today in a breeze that freshened from the SW, sometimes briefly as fresh as 20 knots. We had changed down to the cocktail jib before leaving the anchorage and it was just the right thing. Louise couldn't believe how comfortable she was steering the boat in 15 to 18 knots of breeze. We had the pleasure of sailing past Entheos on the way in, a CS 36 Merlin that was also in the regatta. We have completed the switch back to cruising mode by removing the regatta class flag yesterday, and the ensign and burgee will go up today.


Louise and I got into Doral Marine Resort (with a free night's stay coupon from the regatta) at about 1400 and were showered and rested and waiting on Henry's patio when Peggy arrived a little after six. The fish was great, but the service was pretty patchy. We had a great thunderstorm just as the sun was going down. I really do need to seal that mast boot!


Cruising mode means it's after 8 and we haven't even thought about going anywhere yet.


Still having fun,