Hi All,


Today is Wednesday the 20th, I think. From Tobermory we took a short hop to Wingfield Basin at Cabot head where we anchored for the night it's basically a medium sized pond with a very narrow entry (about 20 feet between buoys) from the lake. There was quite a crowd in there who all seem to have been there since the night before. The wind was strong, from the SW, predicted to swing NW, which it did. We all swung successfully, but it wasn't an entirely restful night.


In the morning I was digging around up forward and made a very stinky discovery. Somewhere along the line somebody was a little hyper on the pumpout and cracked the top of our holding tank with the vacuum. Some had sloshed out, and cleaning up wasn't very much fun. I patched it up temporarily with the grey tape, and we sailed to Meaford, a little farther than planned, but I wanted to get closer to Collingwood and have time to figure out proper repairs. All will be well in time for the racing.


Yesterday was a glorious day of bright sun and 15 to 20 knot winds behind us. We moved right along, but it would have been lovely to have some more crew on board and fly some bigger sails. I'm spoiled by having keen race crew for many of our outings. I look forward to the regatta!


I hope everybody is doing well, and trust that the world hasn't come to an end. I have been almost completely out of touch with the news, although I did hear about London second hand.


I also hear second hand that the kids are still on the Bounty, mostly enjoying themselves, and have made it to somewhere in North Carolina, where they haven't managed to get net access. I, on the other hand, have become more resourceful in getting access. Last night found me sitting on the sidewalk in front of a computer store, typing away at my computer and sending things back and forth over their wide open wireless. Some of the people wandering down the sidewalk certainly looked at me rather strangely, but it worked just fine.


Now to go in search of repair materials. Cheers,


Rick / Dad