Hi All,

We headed out of Little Current the next morning with a much more convincing forward gear. The wind was light from dead ahead, so we just motored our way over to Clapperton Island and set out our anchor almost all alone. The Playfair came out behind us and was gaining a little until they set their sails and presumably turned off their engine. After that they faded into the distance astern. I'm sure they were having fun, but they weren't making much progress beating into 4 knots of wind.

Thursday was cloudy and gloomy and somehow we didn't get motivated to go anywhere, just hung about doing a little maintenance and enjoying the day.

Friday we woke early to the sound of wind -- 15 to 20 from the east. It brought the usual gift of the east wind and it is now pouring rain. The forecast predicts 25 mm over the course of the day. I redid the mast wedges and installed the old canvas boot that I found hidden in a locker. It leaks more than the duct tape version, but not nearly as much as we were getting before, and mostly it is just running down the mast and into the bilge. The weather does not invite a nice sail and all anchorages seem about the same when you're sitting below out of the rain. I should run the engine for a while to put some charge back in the batteries.

We've had enough pancakes to justify Louise's purchase of stupidly expensive souvenir maple syrup in Killarney, and I guess it was worth it ;-)

My personal batteries must be getting recharged. While I was sitting on deck last night I found myself doing 3D geometry in my head and planning out the steps I need to take to catch up on all the stuff our students have been working on so that I can be a more effective advisor and even do some of the nuts and bolts investigation myself. I am looking forward to it, and savouring the fact that nobody can phone me for administrivia and other distractions.

Life is still pretty good,