Hi All,

We motored into Scudder at about 0130 this morning (Wednesday July 6) and tied up for a much needed snooze. The rest of the trip on Lake Erie ws uneventful, except for playing dodgem with the freighters in Pelee Passge where had to cross the shipping lanes. The GPS track shows some interesting moves to deek across.

This morning we rented bikes and spent the afternoon bicycling around the island -- totally flat and about 18 kilometres of low traffic asphalt and dirt. It was good to get a little exercise and funny to feel the laqnd swaying under us.

That may have had a little to do with our stop at the Pelee Island Winery, where they sell wine by the bottle that you can drink in their vineyard garden. To go with that we had cook-it-yourself ostrich burgers and salad for lunch. Now I'm going to go scouting for dinner. We have run out of fresh meat and there isn't an obvious source, so we may be reduced to pasta -- Oh the hardship!  ;-)

Tomorrow we will head out for Windsor where Laura and Adam will catch the train back to Kingston and I will continue up to Sarnia to meet Peggy, probably early next week. That part of the plan is still not rock solid, except that we will meet up some time and sail around the Bruce to Collingwood.

Having a lovely time! More later in the trip,

Rick / Dad