Hi All,

We are now about half way between Port Colbourne and Scudder on Pelee Island, and should be there late this evening (Dawn, Tuesday July 5, but you won't get this until later.) I proved to myself last night that I really don't touch type by trying to start this instalment in the dark. We are sailng along on a starboard tack close reach at about 5.5 knots. The wind was pretty flat yesterday, then came up around midnight and we continued through the night motor sailing with just the main. What had been SW became suddenly NW at about 0415. A little later we rolled out the jib and turned off the engine -- so much more peaceful.

Yesterday was a typical SW Ontario summer day -- hot and muggy on land, cooler and hazy on the water -- leading to a perfect summer night on the  lake. It was clear and starry overhead, with the onshore thermal thunder storms flashing lightning on the horizon all around us. Just beautiful!

We discovered last night that Adam didn't quite save the BBQ in the lock. When I opened the lid the grill waa missing. Oh well, we had to fry our lamb chops down below -- one of the hardships of the active cruising life. To go along we had vegies and dip, then made up tea and hot chocolate in thermoses for the night.

The gas tank is almost empty, but we still have a couple of jerry cans on the deck to fill up with later on. The wind is shifting around, so I had better take over from Vasily (the auto helm) or we will go nowhere.

More later in the trip,

Rick / Dad