Hi All,

We had dinner at the Scudder bar and grill, then collapsed for about ten hours to renew ourselves after the passage sleep deficits.

Yesterday we had a lovely sail across the western end of the lake, with the wind almost dead aft. We hoisted the DRS for the first time ever since buying the boat. It's a cruising spinnaker sort of thing that's a little smaller and easier to handle than the real thing -- red and white and it looked lovely in the sun. We managed to get up to 7 knots occasionally, which is pretty damned good for cruising in 10 to 12 knots  of wind.

We got into Westport Marina in Lasalle (just south of Windsor) about 7 last night after a late start due to cleaning the air intake on the engine to cure a little hesitation and power loss. This is the same marina where Jamie, Colin and I stopped on the Goose delivery last fall. We had Chinese dinner and a quiet night, then I put Laura and Adam in a cab early this morning to go catch the train.

Today's plans include a little provisioning and a search for a new BBQ, an internet connection, then off up the river.

Having a lovely time! More later in the trip,

Rick / Dad