Hi All,

We are taking another day here in Bayfield as part of our relaxed cruising lifestyle. In the same vein, Peggy has decided it's not worth figuring out her email sending until "manyana". So she sends greetings to everybody. I spent the morning taking apart all the bits of the fuel system except for the carburator. A new fuel filter and cleaning up a rather crumpled hose connection seem to have solved the problem, as far as I can tell. The engine ran powerfully and without any stumbling for half an hour in reverse at the slip.

We're back at Harry's for lunch and Peggy has already found the bookstore -- why am I not surprised! I found the hardware store and got the pointer for marine supplies that I can track down after lunch.

Later non I will try to combine these trip reports into a web version, for those who are really keen to read the installments again. The address will be


but please have some patience while I put up something other than a place holder ;-)

Still having a lovely time! More later in the trip,


Rick / Dad