Hi All,

We set off early this morning into almost no wind, but the "light and variable" turned into a fairly solid 7 knots from the North which made Bayfield pretty close to a 50 mile port tack fetch. The trip was a bout as civilized as possible, except that I still have some engine issues. There seems to be an intermittent problem with the fuel supply. I have eliminated the vent and tomorrow I will go over the rest of the fuel system for things like crud in the lines and filters. The ignition repairs have made the engine much easier to start. We are sitting in Harry's enjoying fries and cold drinks while Peggy and I both type away at our computers and read the news from home and afar.

On our passage from Sarnia we saw almost nobody, especially not nearby, except for the Catalina 34 we were closing with from opposite directions on a collision course. Watch keeping is apparently important...

Still having a lovely time! More later in the trip,

Rick / Dad