Hi All,

Here we sit in the "World Famous Benjamin Islands" in an anchorage that the Ports guide says will have 50 boats in it on an average summer day, where boats circle like vultures around noon watching for boats that are leaving and opening up a space. When we arrived there were only four other boats here, although it is starting to fill up now that we have had lunch. We nosed into a bay on the north side of South Benjamin Island until we had about a foot under the keel, then I set out a stern anchor with the dinghy. The bottom is sandy and the water feels warm. Time for a bath, I think.

The bath was accompanied by a shower, as the sky opened up again. Nor was the water bath tub warm by the time I got into it. Still, it wasn't so bad. We swam into shore and climbed about on the rocks. Even in the rain these are beautiful islands with absolutely enormous expanses of smooth, round, bright pink granite. The beach in the bay is of very coarse sand broken up from the same granite.

Things are filling up a little now that the afternoon is passed. Pathfinder came in about 1800 and has been messing around setting her anchor a little further off shore than we are.

After a bunch of organizing for crew change tomorrow, and some more wire pulling and general messing about, I guess it is time for dinner. Those shrimp really need to be cooked soon ;-)

Life is still pretty good, if kinda wet,